Sweet Sites

Links to websites you really like.

  • Gurl
    Teen site about current issues. Just for fun. Everything from virtual makeovers to poetry.
  • Love Calculator
    Fun love machine that tells the percentage of possibility for the relationship to work between two particular people.
  • 100% Chillin'
    Poetry, music samples, picture of the day, and more.
  • Fat Cat Cafe
    Funny jokes, fun interactive games, organized, also lots of freebies.
  • Just Fun
    Just what the names says.
  • Angelfire
    Make your own webpage.
  • TechnoTeen
    Well organized, good information. Advice, jokes, fashion.
  • Teen net
    Tons of information. This site would easily interest people of all ages, especially teens.
  • Teen
    All kinds of information! A wonderful place to visit.
  • Getting real
    A group of kids who each have a task, whether its sports or college, cover the topic the best they can. All articles are from a teen's point of view. Many of the kids include links to other pages that cover their topic.
  • React
    Fun site for teens.
  • Teen Advice Online
    Advice for teens on everything under the sun.
  • MTV
    Music television.
  • Yahooligans
    Yahoo's directory to whats happening for kids and teens.
  • Building Inspector
  • Cyber teens
    A place where creative teens are in demand. Art, music, poetry, shockwave, animation, and much more all created by teens for this site.
  • syndicate
    All about words. Look up roots in greek and latin, play games that increase vocabulary, all geared toward teens.
  • Young Adult resources
    Information on everything from life after high school to animals and TV shows.
  • Star Web's Cyber Buzz
    Links to areas of intrest like fashion and employment.
  • Cosmetics
    All about makeup and skin care for both sexes.
  • Girl power
    Lots of famous people are used to persuade girls that things like health, hygene, and confidence are important and a necessity to have girl power.
  • Smart Girl
    A site dedicated to discussion and advice. All topics are discussed anonymously and in detail.
  • Teen Zine
    Articles about current event and whatever is hot at the moment in news, music, TV, fashion, movies and more.
  • Blast Online
    Under 21 online magazine.
  • Kids think
    Young adults voice their opinions on various topics.
  • Celebrity Sightings
    Everything you could ever want to know about celebrities.
  • Nickelodeon
    See whats happening on Nickelodean day or night.
  • Seventeen Online
    Entertainment, stories, books and more.
  • gURLwURLd
    A website created by, for and about girls in middle school, ages 11 to 15, and containing history and technology information.

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